The Restaurant

The Chesnut restaurant has been in existence since it opened in the year of 2001. It is a restaurant that is concerned with the customers as it is also a family-oriented. It is seen through the ambiance that is given since its beginning until its growth and expansion. The service is not just about the food that is being served. Now it has a new bar in it that you could hang out without many worries. The restaurant and the bar go together to give an atmosphere that is very convenient.

The priority is to serve food that is fresh as it came directly from the farm. An enthusiastic team is always ready to serve them. One of the good features of the restaurant is that it also supports the sustainability effort. That is why it has reused most of the salvaged materials into its expansion. It has the commitment to help the environment by being an eco-0friendly business. It has even received the award of Sustainability Award from the StarChefs 2007 Rising Chefs Awards.

You would be sure that you are being served with the food that was produced with the best effort and care of the chef. If you are curious about his life, let us start when he is a kid and is working on the farm to help his parents. When their farm was sold, he then worked in a restaurant. He just has the experience of putting food to be preserved in jars for the winter. But he had taken his interests seriously when he enrolled in a cooking class.