Easy Procedures on how to Cook an Omelet

Do you want to know how to cook an omelet for breakfast? The procedure is very easy and simple. You just have to prepare all the ingredients needed. If you are a vegetarian person, you can also cook an omelet filled with various vegetables which includes red bell pepper and a green bell pepper. You will also be needing onion, eggs, butter, and cheese. So, prepare all of the ingredients needed to start cooking an omelet. This omelet will be a healthy one perfect for a vegetarian.

Eating healthy foods will help you to stay strong and healthy. For the bell pepper, you can cut it very thin and chop it into small pieces or cut it thick and chop it into not that too small. But since it is an omelet, you just have to chop it into smaller pieces. You will be needing a sharp knife when you prepare the vegetables. Just use the half of a bell pepper and half of the onion. Put all if you want to cook many. This wonderful travel agency is in a newest version of service. Check this great company over here pick info here www.chinavisa.com.tw/china-visa/. Very neat and organize service to serve you.

If you want a hot and spicy omelet, then you can also add a spicy chili in it aside from the bell peppers. After preparing the vegetables, it’s time to prepare the eggs. Use a wire whisk to mix the eggs well. Don’t immediately mix the vegetables into the egg. First is saute the vegetables before adding it into the eggs. Turn on the fire into a medium heat. If you cook the omelet, use butter instead of oil.