New York Cuisine

The city of New York has very diversified nationalities who live and work here. New York is one f the popular place in the United States and many people also want to be able to visit there. This place is very nice to have an adventure when it comes to food as you can experience many cuisines in here with the presence of many races and they also have opened their restaurants or small shops that cook or serve something that is from them. So if you do not have the chance to visit a country to try their cuisine then you can find some in New York.

There are many places where you can experience them so have fun trying it when you are here. Also, there are the foods that have become the cuisine of New York. Though it got influence from the many races that had settled in the place it is one that has been developed or started in the city. Some of them are eggs benedict and hotdogs (with sweet relish, mustard, onions sauce and sauerkraut). There is also the New York style cheesecake, pizza, pastrami, bagel, and Italian ice.

There is also the doughnut, Waldorf salad, chopped cheese, knish, corned beef, baked pretzels, lobster newberg, and many more. This city is one that you must try so you could experience more in food. There are also other menus that are popularized here that is mixed with other culture styles like Italian. They are now well-known and a favorite.