New York Culture

The city is a good place to know other cultures as there are many people with different nationalities that stay there and work there. Others are already residents of the city and they have established their own presence through restaurants and other things like music and arts. This city is a place where peoples culture is exposed and are known. They were sometimes mixed with other culture and that makes the city interesting.

It is true that the city dwellers like to walk fast as each of them have their own business to do.

This city is home to a large number of Jews who make the city their refuge when they left their homes. There are also many Italian Americans that lived in the city. With that population, they have given a great influence on the culture of the city. That is why the city became a venue for jazz and also punk rock and hip-hop was started in the city. It is not about food then but also in the music and in arts.

Because of the good benefit, the government gives for art so many people move to this place that is very good.

As millions of immigrants now form the city so there is a mixture of not only race but also on the life and points of view of people. But this is just its positive part of the city as they also all could be together when it comes to issues regarding the city they live in.