The safety laws you must follow in New York

One of the good ways to explore one place is by riding a bike. You can be able to stop anytime and it is cheap and you can also exercise. Bikes are used around the world and they are a great alternative to use as a mode of transportation. In some countries, it is their second main transportation. So if you do not know how to use one then you can start learning now.

In the infographic are the laws that you should follow when you are in New York. There are general laws that are already known around the world as even if you are not suing bike then you should also follow it like the lights that will tell you if you should go or stop. In the case of New York, they are summarized in the infographic above. There are twelve laws that you should familiarize yourself to be safe and avoid violations.

One of the good measures that they put as a law is that you should not put earbuds in both of your ears. As you have to be aware f what is surrounding you so this law is also needed. Even if they are simple but they are also a source of an accident so it is best to follow them. The use of a helmet is necessary so you should wear it at all times including children. A bell is very nice to make presence known as there could be trucks and other automobiles drivers who might not see you.